Michelle Raymond

– HR Specialist & Visibility Strategist

Helping businesses grow exponentially by transforming the skills of their people and raising their visibility through consultation, coaching & training.

“You can’t leave footprints in the world if you are tiptoeing through life.

Hey, I’m Michelle

– commonly known as The People’s Partner

I am a career and business coach for professionals who wish to supercharge their lives by changing their careers.

I am passionate about helping aspirational and professional women (and men) all over the world take a chance on life and do something great with the skills they already have.

I understand that sometimes you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or you feel that you could do much more but lack the time, confidence and guidance to uplevel; so today I encourage you to take the uncomfortable risk to live LARGE and in CHARGE with my help.

When a crime hits the headlines, a light is shone on the perpetrator and their victim. The motivations of the criminal, the suffering of their accuser, the reactions of neighbours and community leaders: these all receive publicity ensuring the world knows their story. What isn’t so readily known is how all that publicity affects the perpetrator’s family, and the forgotten victims of crime that it creates. Watch Michelle’s 8 mins TEDx Talks which is set to change the way you think.



As an award-winning entrepreneur and international speaker, I focus on how the cultivation of relationships are key to success and how increasing your visibility positions you as an expert and the go to person in your industry.

People will not buy from you if they don’t know you exist!

The Personal Mastery Blueprint

Your Roadmap to Discover True Personal Success

– Get clarity on what you really want

– Identify your non-negotiables

– Prepare your mindset

– Be ready for the the ‘new normal’

Download your free blueprint here that will challenge you, stretch you but will certainly position you for success!

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  • Joanna ClarkeJoanna ClarkeJojo's Cakes

    "The value I got from the day was unreal. I now have contacts and can leverage my work. Michelle has helped with the infrastructure and getting this right. I really loved it so thank you."

  • Maureen TuittMaureen Tuitt

    "Just reaching out to say thank you for sharing your story. By sharing your story you enable others to speak their truth to be authentic and free themselves. As you have triumphed over adversity your give hope to others. I love your tip on finding someone to talk to this is so important. Thank you again. Have a beautiful day."

  • Kerrie AnneKerrie AnneSinger/Performer

    "When it comes to business coaches, Michelle is the real deal. She has an exceptional talent for helping people bring out the best in themselves, particularly helping them to acknowledge prized skills they had laying dormant for too long. When I needed assistance in taking my career to the next level, I enlisted Michelle’s help knowing full well that her business acumen and experience in the music industry were perfect attributes to coach me."

  • Liz PottsLiz PottsCovent Garden Area Trust, Trust Administrator

    "Michelle’s coaching helped me improve my confidence in job interviews and secure an excellent role. I had sought support as although I have a good range of experience and skills, I did not have the confidence to sell myself at interview. She immediately put me at ease and I felt able to talk frankly about my strengths and weaknesses. Job seeking is a solitary activity and I found it invaluable to have an industry experienced sounding board. The advice I was given was practical and easy for me to implement. Most useful was a mock interview, after which Michelle gave me full and frank feedback, and tips on how to improve. The role I secured was a step up after 10 years of moving sideways, I believe Michelle’s advice and coaching was an important part of enabling me to achieve this."

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