The Business of Speaking: How to Speak Like a Pro and Get Paid

I’m launching my Business of Speaking online course with Live masterclass sessions and apart from helping you formulate:

Life Without Limits v2.0

Group coaching programme (6 ppl max)

This I know…..

🚫Procrastination becomes easy when you have no one to be accountable to.
🚫Focus is always a problem when you don’t have true clarity.
🚫Consistency is always harder when no one is clapping.

However, our 12-week programme addresses these issues and allowing you to develop successfully in the way that you
want. The programme will improve your self-confidence needed to grow your business, practice and sharpen your skills to make money, save time and focus attention on what really matters.

Life Without Limits v2.0 is group coaching, where we meet in person and online and we get real DEEP dealing with both your mental capacity, agility and your business. Each scheduled week we will focus on specific areas:

  • Clear any limiting beliefs about your ability as an independent business owner and women
  • Crush any beliefs you have around perfectionism and the imposter syndrome
  • Build high self-confidence and self-esteem that attracts ideal clients and charge what you’re worth
  • Getting clarity on your desires so you have a strong fire pulling you forward
  • Work on your business plan, vision and USP
  • Set financial targets and ways to achieve these
  • Get comfortable around technology to help automate your business

Sessions will be in 3 parts:

Planning, Accountability and Review and will include limiting belief exercises, goal in timeline, belief change and anchoring as well as results-driven exercise and activities to ensure you make a consistent income.

Want to talk through it first? Then let’s arrange a time to talk.

Business Brilliance Made Simple

Sometimes a 10-week course just won’t do. You need someone who will be in it for the long haul, who has your back in all situations, that’s where 12-month mentoring programmes are a life saver.

This 12 month programme helps you develop successfully in the way that you want.  We improve your self-confidence needed to grow your business, practice and sharpen your skills to make money, save time and focus attention on what really matters.


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