10 Things you can look for online about your prospect

  1. Surf around their website and blog, to see what initiatives they are focused on and what they are trying to achieve. How can you help them achieve these goals faster, easier, and/or more economically? 
  2. Sign up for their email marketing campaigns. What initiatives are they writing about? 
  3. Set a Google Alert for each prospect and/or look for the “news” section of their website. How can you add value to their latest product/service/event? 
  4. Experience what they offer—sign up for their funnel, join a program, get a free estimate, etc. What could they improve? 
  5. Watch any videos or interviews they have available with their leadership or employees. What challenges do they discuss? 
  6. Search the company name to see where they have been mentioned and who has mentioned them. This will give clues to who they are working with and what they are working on. 
  7. Look at their job listings to see what types of projects they are hiring for. 
  8. Look for advertisements they have placed: banner ads, billboards, tv, newspaper, etc. 
  9. Read their Annual Report. This will show you their most profitable products, trends, financial outlook, etc. 
  10. Look at all of their social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc). What do they post? What do they celebrate? What are they working on?
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