The law of reciprocity works.

This is a personal share from me to you!


If you give with a grateful heart..

authentically not requiring anything in return…. people will return the favour x


That’s what mum did. She upgraded us unexpectedly to business class on a flight back to the UK from Dubai costing nothing less than £2500 per person… Why? Because I treated her to an all expenses paid holiday.


The Law of Reciprocity works

It works in business time and time again. Have you ever been in a situation where someone out of the blue did something for you, no questions asked? If you trace it back you may had done something for them some time back and had probably forgotten about it.

This is why I believe in the 3 People Principle:

You should have people in your life that

  1. Need you
  2. Feed you
  3. Lead you.

There must also be certain times you apportion to each of them. Do more with one than the other, this causes your energy to become unbalanced.


Get this right and you’ll get invited to events that you are unqualified to be in.

You get opportunities to serve at the highest level to clients who never question your premium price.

When you get the balance right, you live in a state of equilibrium and not stress

Want some of this? Hit me up. My Quarter 1 work with Michelle is now open, with a focus on 3R framework ‘Relationship, Resources and Risk’. To find out more, drop me an email at and let’s book a call.


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