Selling Sunset – have you watched it?

I’ve been watching Selling Sunset – season 4 and I just love it.


Apart from the inhouse dramas, (yes there’s quite a bit of that) there’s a lot to learn from this show on how to manage relationships and sell to the wealthy.

The ladies in the show, the brokers, provide what I call the “Rolls Royce’ treatment to their clients but also to potential clients, those that have not even agreed to work with them yet.


Selling your expertise to the corporate market is similar to selling high end properties to mega wealthy buyers, and that’s why you can’t go to any type of sales training to grow this skillset.


Transactional, spammy, outdated sales tactics will get you nowhere.


Selling to corporations is a consultative, relationship-centered exchange rooted in TRUST!

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


You must show up as a trusted advisor. You MUST care.


You must have clear positioning and messaging that mirrors your buyer’s status quo.

When it comes to corporate clients, the goal is to retain them for years and deepen the relationship. Your reputation will follow you.


This isn’t the type of business where you paint by numbers and burn through leads. It’s building on the art of relationship building.


‘Selling Sunset’ has taught me to be patient, knowing that I may not get a ‘yes’ the first or second time around.

It has shown me to treat prospective corporate clients with care, providing value, often unpaid at first but sets the foundation for building a long term relationship with recurring work.


Lastly, watching all those episodes has reminded me that if I go that extra mile, make that extra call, send that extra email, share that extra content, THIs may well be the turning point for that company to ask…’when can you start?’



I share all this to remind you not give up. Don’t be disheartened if the HR person hasn’t responded to your email or havent accepted your connecting on Linkedin

Keep reaching out, keep engaging in dialogue with different people, keep sharing content that meets their need.

Be Encouraged!


If you think you could benefit from help from myself or Adrian, then reach out to me directly and I’ll tell you more about the Corporate Retainer


To your success, Michelle

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