I’m not a part of a clique – I AM A FREE SPIRIT.

I GO, GROW and GLOW in environments that encourage growth, learning and sharing with like minded individuals that come into my life.

So when I got the invitation to go to Dubai to connect with powerful and successful men and women… I jumped at the opportunity. This meant me giving up a short piece of work here in the UK, a speaking gig and spending time with my family.

But I did it anyway.

Why? because the sacrifices and investments I make now will pay off in the future.

I have already reaped the benefits of being a member of the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC)  being visible in a country that’s not my own and building strategic networks.

Anyone can create the life of their dreams for themselves or for the people they love  and I do this without being in a tribe or a particular group. Community is critical, yes but if they are stagnant, lack innovation and just b*tch about other people….. leave me out of it.

I’ve proven time and time again that Relationship, Resources and Risk are 3 fundamentals that are critical to my success. My framework, works! It has afforded me to take my mother with me on this trip to #Dubai – all expenses and excursions paid. To see the joy on her face as she experienced the private yacht cruise was priceless.

I’m proud to be in a position to do this for the woman in my life!

I encourage you to take your relationships, tap into the many resources you have and be prepared to take a risk for 2022. It’s impossible for you NOT to reap the benefits star

If you’re interested to know more about the 3R framework and work with me directly on it, send me a direct message – I’d be glad to share it with you x



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